About Ferguson

Mike Brown was senselessly shot dead August 9th by a Ferguson, MO police officer for no reason other than “walking…

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PA NOW Stands Up for #Roe4All!

Roe4AllPHLPennsylvania NOW President Caryn Hunt and Philadelphia NOW Treasurer Louise Francis joined volunteers and advocates from Planned Parenthood, Women’s Way, Access Matters, CLUW and many other feminist organizations in Philadelphia to show support for Roe v Wade and access to safe, legal abortion. The US House, after canceling a vote on a 20-week abortion ban originally scheduled for today, instead passed H.R. 7, a bill designed to prohibit any federal funds from being used for abortion. Currently, and for the past 35 years because of the Hyde amendment, federal funds can only be used for abortion in cases of rape, incest, or the health of the mother. H.R. 7 is, effectively, a total ban on abortion for low income women. Find out why abortion bans don’t work.

Action Alerts

Stand In Support of Roe V. Wade


Pennsylvania NOW is co-sponsoring a Roe v. Wade visibility event in downtown Philadelphia on Thursday, January 22nd on Broad at Walnut from noon to 1PM. Join us and our sister organizations Planned Parenthood, Women’s Way, CHOICE Philly and many other local feminist organizations. It has never been more important to stand up in defense of…

PA NOW at the Progressive Summit


Pennsylvania NOW will be at this year’s Progressive Summit, connecting with other progressive organizations and leaders and hopefully you! It’s shaping up to be an inspiring lineup of speakers and workshops. Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards will be there, as will Senator Bernie Sanders. Find out all you need to sign up for this great…

Millions March NYC


Justice for Mike Brown! Justice for Eric Garner! Justice for all those we have lost at the hands of racist cops! #BlackLivesMatter. Our lives matter. All lives matter! On Saturday December 13th, in NYC and in every major city, we march together as one. Our call to action: Demand that the Department of Justice pursue…

Violence Against Women is Never a Game


From our colleagues at National Task Force to End Sexual and Domestic Violence Against Women: Violence against women is never a game! Congress must ensure that persons making online threats of assault, sexual violence and death are held accountable. WE NEED YOUR STORIES!!! #stalkingisnogame Trigger warning: rape, murder, violence; this alert contains disturbing and offensive…

Fall 2014 Endorsees & Helping Get Out the Vote


It’s time to Get Out the Vote!! Find out about Pennsylvania NOW PAC’s endorsees for the Fall election, and about our push in collaboration with National NOW PAC on Congressional races, and what you can do to help! Most importantly, remember to VOTE November 4th!! Bad people are elected by good people who don’t vote,…