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Fight for $15 & A Union!


Let Stephen Colbert convince you to join Pennsylvania NOW and many others on April 15th for the Fight for $15. Stand with low-wage workers in the fight for a living wage! The rally begins at 3PM at Broad and Arch in Philadelphia. Find out more: http://pennsylvanianow.org/events/fight-for-15-philadelphia/ and online at April15.org. Tweet

Stop Earned Sick Days Preemption in PA Senate!


It’s been less than a month since Philadelphia’s Earned Sick Time bill was signed into law by Mayor Michael Nutter and already the Pennsylvania State Senate is moving to quash it with a bill that pre-empts municipalities from passing their own bills concerning earned sick time. The bill would amend Title 53 governing municipalities, prohibiting…

PA NOW Supports Agenda for Women’s Health Phase 2 Bills


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Pennsylvania NOW Supports the Agenda for Women’s Health Phase 2 Bills HARRISBURG, June 3, 2014- The Pennsylvania state chapter of the National Organization for Women (PA NOW) proudly supports the work of the bicameral, bipartisan Women’s Health Caucus as they roll out a another round of bills as part of their comprehensive…

PA NOW Supports Fast Food Worker Rights

NYC Rally To Raise The Minimum Wage

Did you know: The federal minimum wage is $7.25/hour. The minimum for tipped workers is $2.13/hour plus tips. Although employers are supposed to make up the difference between $2.13 and $7.25 for times when tipped workers don’t earn that much in tips, many do not. That when the minimum wage was increased in 1996 and…

Economic Justice

NOW supports equal pay for equal work, worker’s right to organize for collective bargaining, federal contractors to pay a living wage, reinstitution of a real safety net of services for out of work and unemployed people which includes public education, affordable child care, and attention to the extra concerns of domestic violence victims. NOW supports…

UPMC Undermining Equal Employment Protections


To: University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Board of Directors: As leaders and members of the Pittsburgh community, we are deeply disturbed by your recent arguments in court that attempt to dismantle long-standing anti-discrimination laws. This legal challenge is an unprecedented and radical move that, should it prevail, would undo decades of established federal protections…

Stop Another Attempt to Preempt Earned Sick Days

Earned Sick Days

Just last month HB 1807, a bill to make it impossible for municipalities to enact earned sick time laws (an ALEC model bill), was significantly slowed down by amendments offered by pro-worker, pro-family Representatives in the Pennsylvania House. Now HB 1960, it’s very near twin, is moving quickly in the House and could come up…