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Don’t Punish Women: Stop the 20-Week Ban!

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Your voice is urgently needed!! Tell your state lawmakers to oppose HB 1948, the 20-week ban! Monday, April 4th, extremist GOP lawmakers in Pennsylvania’s House slammed a 20-week abortion ban bill through the House Health Committee; the bill was first introduced on Friday, April 1st. Those on the Republican-majority committee who supported the bill refused…

Tell Your Senator to Oppose Pre-emption of Earned Sick Days!

graphic by Anna Sapphire

The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence urges the Pennsylvania State Senate to support the version of House Bill 1796 originally passed by the State House, and to remove the problematic pre-emption language that was added in the Senate Local Government Committee. Special interests have repeatedly tried to pre-empt the authority of municipalities to enact their…

PA NOW Agenda for Women’s Health Statement of Support


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Pennsylvania NOW Supports the Pennsylvania Agenda for Women’s Health HARRISBURG, December 11, 2013- The Pennsylvania state chapter of the National Organization for Women (PA NOW) applauds the work of the House and Senate Women’s Health Caucuses as they roll out a comprehensive plan to address the real issues affecting Pennsylvania women today.…

Representative Dan Frankel Unveils Pennsylvania Agenda for Women’s Health

Pennsylvania House Women’s Health Caucus Chair Dan Frankel kicks off the December 11th press conference in Harrisburg to introduce the public to the Agenda for Women’s Health, a comprehensive, inclusive approach to addressing the true concerns and needs of women in the Commonwealth. Pennsylvania NOW, in coalition with many women’s advocacy groups in the state, including Women’s Law Project and Planned Parenthood, helped to shape the Agenda and issued this statement of support.

For the past few years, but especially since the 2010 midterm elections which put the Republican Party in leadership within the General Assembly, there has been one bill after another focused on bridging and eroding women’s right to an abortion in the Commonwealth, and no effort spent on trying to close the gender wage gap or to address many of the other issues of concern to Pennsylvania women. Hopefully this Agenda will begin to change the one-dimensional conversation House and Senate Republicans have engaged in about women’s health.