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PA Coalition Against Domestic Violence: Support HB 1581


YOUR ACTION IS NEEDED! The Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee is scheduled tomorrow to consider House Bill 1581 that would enact the crime of strangulation with appropriate penalties to hold perpetrators accountable for the violent and life-threatening act. Please join the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence in asking members of the House Judiciary Committee to support…

Super Bowl Ads Focus Attention on Domestic Violence


by PA NOW Vice-President Michele Hamilton The headline for Forbes online this week stated “Domestic Violence Dominates the Super Bowl”. My first thought was, “How do two ads constitute ‘dominating’ the Super Bowl in the mist of 500 other commercials that commodify women and relationships.” My second thought was “I wish that a thoughtful analysis…

Tell Your Senator to Oppose Pre-emption of Earned Sick Days!

graphic by Anna Sapphire

The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence urges the Pennsylvania State Senate to support the version of House Bill 1796 originally passed by the State House, and to remove the problematic pre-emption language that was added in the Senate Local Government Committee. Special interests have repeatedly tried to pre-empt the authority of municipalities to enact their…