Stop Earned Sick Days Preemption in PA Senate!

earnedsicktimeIt’s been less than a month since Philadelphia’s Earned Sick Time bill was signed into law by Mayor Michael Nutter and already the Pennsylvania State Senate is moving to quash it with a bill that pre-empts municipalities from passing their own bills concerning earned sick time. The bill would amend Title 53 governing municipalities, prohibiting them from passing employer mandates related to leave, paid or unpaid. An amendment has been proposed that would make this bill retroactive to January 1, 2015, and thus, if passed, would repeal the new Philadelphia law. Please contact your State Senator! This bill has already passed out of committee and could come up for a second reading as anytime. Ask your Senator to do whatever is possible to keep the bill from coming up for a vote, to vote to strip the language, and to vote against the bill as a whole. Find out more about the Philadelphia Earned Sick Days campaigns – and also about successful campaigns elsewhere, and research on cities and states that already passed Earned Sick Time bills, which is a basic worker right, that shows the measure is not just good for employees but for employers as well.