GOP Presidential Debate Debacle & Ongoing Attacks on Family Planning

Pennsylvania NOW President Caryn Hunt spoke with Rick Smith on The Rick Smith Show about how 11 people seeking the highest office in the land acted as if women and their concerns and issues don’t even exist. Worse, the only female Republican presidential candidate, told outright lies about abortion footage that actually in fact doesn’t exist. But this is not new for anti-women extremists who have been working hard for years to take down Planned Parenthood, this nation’s most trusted provider of healthcare to women and family planning services to families.

Listen to the interview.


The GOP Circus Continues

It’s easy – too easy – to lampoon these clueless business and political leaders, but they are doing real harm to women and families, not to mention to the planet and to the concept of civil, democratic debate. Fiorina’s lies helped shore up support for a vote in the US House to defund Planned Parenthood, and many states have already pulled funding with disastrous results for women. The House has scheduled a series of hearings into Planned Parenthood based on a fraud perpetrated by anti-abortion zealots.

National NOW’s Government Relations Director Jan Erickson has put together a thorough Issue Advisory on the ongoing attack against Planned Parenthood.

Women who care about their own freedom, and the people in their lives who love and support them, must recognize that while some of the Tea Party Republicans can seem like a joke to reasonable and tolerant people, they are very close to being able to control our Congress. And that’s not funny! Only active citizens have the power to stop them.