Be Bold Road Trip Comes to Philly!

Road-trip-map-2The Bravemobile is coming to Philly! Come and see it from 11AM to 4:30PM at LOVE Park (north side of JFK Plaza along Arch St). Rally at 2:30PM. Unite to lift the bans that deny abortion coverage to low-income women. Sign the petition. Snap a selfie. Dare to Declare your support. Sign the petition!

All* Above All, a bold new campaign to restore and sustain abortion coverage for low-income women, is hitting the road and taking their message across the country with a national tour to end local, state and federal bans on abortion coverage. Women’s Medical Fund is the lead local organization on this campaign. Covering nearly 10,000 miles – through 12 cities and 8 states – the road trip will mobilize diverse communities affected by federal bans on abortion coverage, create buzz, and educate people across the country about the harmful impact that abortion coverage bans have, especially on low-income women and women of color. The road trip will end in Washington DC where individuals from across the country will participate in the 2nd Annual All*Above All Hill Education Day in mid-September, corresponding with the anniversary of the Hyde Amendment.